Compositing artifact when exporting with parallel processing on

Hello there,

I was having the same problem as in this post: A compositing artifact in export
When I exported one of my projects, it had a weird visual artifact in one frame. Through the linked post I discovered that this is due to parallel processing when exporting.

Here’s how the frame is supposed to look:

And here’s how it looks instead:

It happens right before multiple images with opacity and size/position filters start moving through the screen, and seemingly takes the shape of an overlaid video that appears at the end of the project.
I am running Shotcut version 20.02.17.

I have uploaded a ZIP file containing the project file, (hopefully) all related video/image files and export files made with parallel processing toggled on/off onto my Google Drive in case this helps with debugging:
Perhaps someone on the dev team plays League of Legends and appreciates the edit :grin:

Please reply if this helped or if you need any other files or information.

Thank you for your time!

Thank you for providing the sample project and files. I have found there is an issue with using still images - at least as the background on V1. It is related to the following issue on GitHub, but the problem is not with the Glitch filter, which you know as you are not using it:

I am still working on it but have not found the root cause and fixed it yet.

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This is fixed for the next version 20.04

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