Combine multiple clips into one on the timeline?

link is what i’m trying to do with shotcut how?

Not possible yet, in the sense of the overall function.
It’s #5 on the Roadmap.

Workaround or a Different Approach to workflow with Shotcut

It is possible to copy the entire timeline to the source viewer. While this is not what you’re specifically looking for it could be an option that could be part of your workflow with Shotcut.

In this example you there is two tracks, with text on a transparent clip on V2, and a transition on V1, and I’m on the Project view tab. Note the location of the playhead. Click the 3 little lines on the timeline where the green arrow is pointing.

Click on “Copy Timeline to Source”. (Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + C)

This is being saved to a MLT project file as the timeline, so give it a name. Once named, and you click save, it will be instantly loaded into the source viewer.

From here you can trim, apply filters, put on a new track, etc… as you would with any new source.

Note that I moved the timeline playhead off of the text. The current view is on the source viewer where the source viewer playhead is at 3:07.

The client called and wanted the colors changed with no text.
In this case I just hidden V2 with the text on it. You can only hide entire tracks for this method.

Thanks but can this be done?

  1. edit videos clips on timeline

  2. turn back into one clip on timeline

  3. then focus slice up videos edit audio

can this be done?

Actually, it does. As you noticed, it makes you do a project save before the copy takes place. The Copy Timeline to Source function only works with saved projects. You then go on and do some editing in the timeline and navigating within Source, but you did not accomplish anything like what the poster requested. You then seem to be drawing some correlation between activity on the timeline and the Source player, but it is nonsense: they are not linked.

The closest thing Shotcut has today that the poster requested is File > Open MLT XML as Clip. That is truly a nested sequence. However, Shotcut does not let you open multiple projects or sequences at the same time in edit mode. If you try to workaround this by running multiple instances, changes to the nested XML clip will not be automatically updated in the parent project. You would have to reload.

The Groups item on the road map is something different. That is retaining a multiple selection such that when you thereafter click one member of the group, it automatically selects all the members.

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I imagine this wouldn’t be something done anytime soon but is there any idea to one day implement nested sequences or “metastrips” (as they call them in Blender) in Shotcut? Since Shotcut does combine video and audio into one clip (which I like), I was thinking that the next logical step to that would be some version of nested sequences or metastrips. That would cover being able to reattach an audio clip to a video clip after detaching the audio and also cover “linking” any audio to a video clip. That and everything else that nested sequences and metastrips do.

This is possible today:

  1. copy the filters from the audio clip to the corresponding video clip
  2. remove the audio clip
  3. in the video clip’s properties set the audio track to use

Nested sequences are already possible. What is not possible is editing them within the same session, auto-updating them in an opened parent project when edited in an separate shotcut process, updating their length when re-opening a parent project, and creating one from a multi-selection. At least some of these are likely to come some day.

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