Color saturation

Is there any plans to add the ability to saturate a particular color or a few selected colors to make them more expressive? Currently, the saturation works on the entire image / all colors.

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List of plans ►

Which is a sub-item, because before writing a message I checked the list but I did not find a matching point.

Apparently then there are no plans :smiley:

Can you provide an example of what you are looking for? I’m not sure I understand the suggestion.

I’m just about to pick up a given color, something like the saturation of only the whole frame and the selected color, eg I mark the red one and move the saturation slider only for that color.

Is there another program that can already do this that I can look at?

Eg. Adobe Premiere -> Lumetri Color -> Curves

Here is an example screen found in google with the option enabled:

Brian, DaVinci Resolve can do this. (Free version too)

How is there a chance to add such functionality to the program?

Keep an eye on the Roadmap to see the functions planned for Shotcut.

I wouldn’t know how to implement this feature without doing a bunch of research on color processing. Does anyone know if there are any open source implementations of this. For example, Gimp or some other video/image library/application. If there is an existing open source implementation, I might be able to port it to Shotcut.

I understand, thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, I do not know it enough to know if there is any Open Source solution. If you could find it someday, it would be good if not the program is very good anyway.

I think it would be a pretty neat feature.

Do you use Gimp? I think I found something similar:

I used it once, I think it would be a good option. If there is something similar in GIMP, is there a chance that you could do it in Shotcut? I have something to wait for? :slight_smile:

I looked at the source code for the hue-saturation tool in Gimp. I think I understand what it does. It does look like something I could do. Seems kind of interesting to me. it would be nice to get your impression of the Gimp tool to make sure that it would really work for the uses you have in mind.


I tried a little selective color removal with Gimp. It worked pretty well but took some time to do. Used the Lasso tool to isolate the object then the hue-saturation tool to desaturate the background.

If you want to adapt it for Shotcut it will make a nice addition, but without key frames it won’t work on a video.

I checked it in GIMP and this is exactly the option I’m looking for. Alternatively, it would be possible to add a manual selection of the color, but in general it was exactly what I was doing.

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@brian @mrozilla
I found a very interesting filter on Kdenlive that might work better than the Gimp hue-saturation tool.
There is a rotoscope filter that can isolate objects and then one can apply color correction and other effects to it.

The section on Selective color Correction and Rotoscoping is the one that explains how it’s done.

Here’s a short example of what you can do with the Kdenlive rotoscope effect.

This is a very good filter, it would also be nice if it appeared, but sometimes it is necessary to pick up only one color in the whole frame, not just on any object.