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unfortunately I suddenly have a problem: I can no longer pick up the colors with the eyedropper, the color picker is missing. Now only this selection window appears:

My system is Manjaro, Shotcut version: 22.04.25

It’s obviously not a Shotcut problem, but one of my Linux setup.
Who has some advice for me?

Click the + under Custom and you get another dialog with an eyedropper

Yes, I get this window when I click on the +, but unfortunately I don’t have the eydropper.


On my Linux system gcolor2 is installed.

I now have the solution!!! I had to change the following in the file: ~.profile

export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=gtk2 changed to:


It can be related to wayland, gcolor2 has problems with wayland.

Try using the flatpak, to see if it works better.

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Hello TimLau,
I think the problem is solved, it was “only” the configuration. Now everything is fine. By the way, I had the same problems with Kdenlive of course. But by changing .proifle all is well. No idea when and how I had changed this.

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Hi! I am on Windows 10, and was wondering is there is a color picker
anywhere for color grading command?

If there a spot where this is enabled?


Never mind, I was looking for Chroma Key, which has the color picker.

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