Clip Starts Too Late

I may have overlooked this (if I did, I apologize… working a few things all at once due to time constraints.) but I did not see it anywhere within the previous discussions.

I could be doing something wrong or it might just be something on my end but, when I drop an audio clip into the timeline to edit it and press “Play” to start editing and check volume levels, etc. it starts about (+/-) a second into the clip. Even moving it to after moving it to about 0.01.25 seconds – the ticker starts about a millisecond (again +/-) before that.

Is there a bug that I’m unaware of? Sorry, again, if this has already been answered but I could not skim through everything with what I’ve got going on at the moment.

I want to thank you, upfront, for any help with this! (v=

~ Bo

I encounter issues with audio tracks of video files when I screen capture on Linux (I have yet to file a bug report). Perhaps such issues can exist with audio-only files as well.

As a work-around I would suggest to re-encode the audio, probably ideally to WAV format. You can use Audacity (video tutorial) for this or ffmpeg in the command line: ffmpeg -i youraudio.mp3 youraudio.wav. If you don’t have ffmpeg, here’s a video guide.

I think it’s less likely but perhaps it’s a performance issue (4k video tracks or effects slow down everything?) in which case perhaps this tips video will help.

Is the issue present once you render the video?

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Hey there and thanks.

I actually have tried MP3 and WAV. We’re just trying to use something that is easy to maintain for our videos. And our audio files can range from thirty seconds to just over two hours. We can do more with ShotCut but, we’re having to settle for Movie Maker for now. (Which isn’t all that great for a lot of reasons.)

Hopefully we’ll figure something out or it’ll be fixed soon.

Thanks for your input!!

~ Bo

This issue is similar to others posted on Github, so I don’t think a whole new report needs to be filed. Changed topic category to bug though.

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Could it be related to variable frame rate in the source files?

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Well, seeing as I use 8.1 I’ve had no issues with anything other than that (audio starting late) and the application-itself-crashing and losing all my previous work. I don’t know. I’m running on days without sleep at the moment so my brain is misfiring. (Lol)

Thanks to all of you for your help.

Yeah, I apologize. Like I had said when I posted, I wasn’t sure if I had looked over it or just couldn’t find it. I was (am) working at the same time as writing so I more than likely (and obviously) looked over it.

Thank you for finding and helping out, Lauren. (v=