Circle Crop Filter

I’m new to Shotcut. I’ve used the “Crop: Circle” in one video clip but it continues to be added to all video and image clips following it on the track. I simply want it on one video clip and wonder how this can be done. I’m using Shotcut 20.04.12.

I’d appreciate advice on this. Thanks.

Then, you added it to the track or Master out track and not the clip. Look for the funnel icons in the left column of the Timeline.

I see the funnel icon but not sure what to do. Should I click it in the main clip I want the crop filter or in the clip I don’t?

click it and see Filters

I right-clicked the funnel but I don’t see the circle crop filter listed.

Is there a how-to video that explains how to use the filter on different clips?

You need to LEFT-click it. See my response to a similar thread hear: Getting Text Off a Track

If you’re getting the crop filter on all of your clips, you have done one of 2 things. Either you applied the filter in the source before transferring them to the timeline, or you applied the filter to the track, like in the example below.

The track is outlined in red, indicating current selection, thus this filter will be the same on this V2 track, until I remove it. Which you just click on the - button shown in the example.

If you want to apply to each clip separately, click on one clip, then select the filter you want to use. The clip will be outlined in red.

Thanks Guys,
I was under pressure to complete the video. I literally was learning it while laying out the video clips. But I managed to figure thins out. Shotcut is pretty good but I found it to be a bit unpredictable at times.

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