Chroma key issue when animation is fade out

I’m a beginner with Shotcut. I’ve an issue when my video with animation is fading out. The chroma key works fine in almost all the animation, but in fading out the green screen is showing up again.

Short video to explain the issue

Any tips?

P.S. My Shotcut version is 21.12.24

It looks like your animation is changing its green background color when fading.

No, the background keeps green during all the animation.
In fact what looks like is that the elements (icons and white background of the texts) change its opacity when fading out creating a new shade of green

The animation video

Yeah, that is not good to blend the green with the image. We call that a “spill.” That is why an animation with a proper alpha channel is much better than green background. The animation should not be fading and instead do that in Shotcut.

I understand and appreciate your help
I did some tests in kdenlive, Openshot and Movavi.
In kdenlive and Openshot the results was the same as Shotcut
Movavi seems to get the best result, as show in video below

Changing noise and opacity seems make fading out animation looks like Shotcut issue.
With default values (noise:0 and opacity:10) the result is acceptable

Is there a way to reproduce this effect with the Shotcut filters?

Rather than trying to tackle the issue with filters, extract the images to a transparency within GIMP, export as PNG (alpha) and SPR/fade out with Shotcut

Um, no, just give up on this poor quality animation and find or make a better one that has an alpha channel instead of using green. A green screen is really only appropriate when shooting a live subject; in synthetic animation you can and should output an alpha channel.
See also Glaxnimate 2D Animation/Motion Graphics Software
and the Key Spill filters.

:grinning: Well yes I don’t disagree. I just assumed OP wanted to stick with that particular image with them using multiple editing software to get the desired effect.

I’ll take a look at Glanimate myself Dan, looks useful.

Thanks guys
In fact there are many options to solve the issue. Trying to use the original animation is probably the worst decision.
But I downloaded a package of green screen animation and I was testing it in Shotcut. Just for fun and to improve my skills.

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