Choppy filter glitches with other media over it

I am on windows 10

I put in a medium length recording with the mosaic effect and choppy effect on it (To purposefully make it look low quality) but whenever I put any images/text/etc on the video layer above it, it causes the effects to glitch out, and it even shows it in the exported video.

I get this when I try to reproduce

You don’t mention your Shotcut version, but this looks a lot like the bug I reported there

Edit: I captured the video on version 22.06 release candidate. But I also tested in v22.04.25 and the bug is there also.

Mosaic & Choppy filters on the video clip of V1
SP&R filter on the image of V2

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Yes that is the bug I’m talking about.

The bug @MusicalBox refers to is specific to the Mask: Simple Shape filter that only occurs in between release versions (he says it is in v22.04.25 but I do not reproduce his bug there). You did not mention that filter. I reproduced this bug, and it is specific to the Choppy filter. You either need to leave it off, or you need to bake its effect into an intermediate file as a workaround.

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If you are not using the Choppy filter take your reply to a new post with details.

I was trying to reproduced what the OP described. So I did use the Choppy filter. I mentioned it in my previous post.

Fixed for the next version 22.06

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