Choppy 4k videos in Shortcut, can't edit


I shot with the GoPro Hero 7 in 4k in 60fps. My laptop has windows 10, i7, 8gb ram, but I just can’t work with the files because it hardly plays. What should I do? I think my laptop isn’t good enough to support the files.

GoPro video playback slow

It is always a good idea to state what H/W, OS and version of Shotcut you are using when asking for help.

Regarding your problem, you can do “proxy” editing, which involves editing a lower resolution of the file then replacing the lower resolution file at the end of all the edits by the high resolution one. See:


Hey, thank you so much for your help! I am using the latest version of Shotcut. I also tried to download handbrake before, but it doesn’t work unless I download some Windows software (forgot the name), but for some reason it does not let me install it. I am kind of disappointed that this feature (proxy videos) is not included in Shotcut. I saw that some other free editors like Lightworks seem to have this included. Not sure if it’s worth it to switch over.