Changed to Open GL. Now the app won't start

I was playing with settings and changed the display method to open GL. A window popped up asking me to restart the program. I did that, but now the program wouldn’t start. When I click the icon, it starts the splash screen but then nothing happens.

How do I undo that last change? is there a settings file?

I am on windows 10, 64 bit.

I uninstalled Shotcut checking “clear old registry files” and “delete old files” options. It doesn’t help.

I am able to start the program from another user profile but I would rather not have to delete my entire user profile for this to work.

That should work. If it did not you should reboot, uninstall, and then reinstall choosing that option again.

the reboot didn’t work. so I had to go to the registry and manually delete the keys. it started working again. Thanks for your response.

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