Change To Detach Audio Caused Some Regressions

Shotcut version 21.12.24
Windows 10

The change to Detach Audio done here actually created a bit of regression in functionality. There is a feature in Shotcut that you can easily attach an “audio” clip back to its “video” counterpart by aligning the “audio” to its “video” and then they will go back to being “one clip” again. This is what I mean.

If there were any video and audio filters then they would be intact after reattachment. However, now if you bring the audio to the video then the video filters get deleted after reattachment and if the video gets brought to the audio then the audio filters get deleted. What’s more, after reattaching the audio to the video, the video track in Properties turns to None. If the video gets brought to the audio then the audio track in Properties turns to None.

Your demonstration is not actually attaching an “audio” clip back to its “video” counterpart - even though it had the appearance of doing that. It is simply replacing the video clip with the audio clip. Previously, we did not change any of the filters or parameters on the audio clip, so if you use the audio clip to replace the video clip, it would appear to go back to the way it was before detaching.

Dan and I discussed this specific use case and decided that the advantage and consistency of the new behavior is more important than this use case.

We could add new, special logic to identify this situation and “reattach” the audio. But I do not understand the need for this feature. How often do people detach the audio and then need to “un-detach” it much later (after the undo is lost in the history)?

I know. That’s why I used quotation marks. :slightly_smiling_face:

More than you would think. In video editors that separate audio from their videos automatically, there are options to “unlink” the audio and video tracks and also to “link” them back again. That’s because users are constantly attaching and reattaching the audio and video tracks as the project sees fit. This “reattachment” feature was almost like Shotcut’s way of doing it although I know that’s now how it was coded. However, in terms also keeping the filters this sort of “reattachment” makes quicker and more convenient than copying and pasting the filters and going to Properties to turn on the track that got set to “none”. It would be a mistake to just throw it away especially since it’s a concept that could potentially be expanded upon. Like it’d great if you would be able to one day take any audio clip on the timeline and merge it to any video clip.

…in specific circumstances where the user has not made any changes to either clip.

Consider this scenario in the previous behavior:

  1. Add a clip
  2. Detach audio
  3. Add a fade in filter to the video clip
  4. “reattach” the audio by dragging as you demonstrated
  5. “Hey! Where did the video fade go?”

I would be interested to see your thoughts on what this logic would be.

For example…

IF audio clip source == video clip source
AND audio clip start == video clip start
AND audio clip end == audio clip end
THEN = prompt to "reattach" audio

Something like that?

The amount of future work to properly support “reattach audio” has not increased by making this improvement to the “detach” feature.

To reattach audio simply copy and paste the audio filters to the video clip, delete the audio clip, and enable the audio track in the video clips properties.

I know. That’s what I commented about here:

By the way, I changed the category of this from Bug to Suggestion since this result was known by both of you ahead of time.

Has a solution been added or wok around discovered for this? I’ve just tried to use an audio filter to create an effect on my video (Audio Dance Visualisation being the filter in question) but they are separate tracks as I’ve added a background song to a clip and want the beat to have an effect on the visuals.
Am I going about this wrong? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: