Detach audio duplicates video filters on audio and leave audio filters on video

What is your operating system?
I7-10’ Geforce 2600

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?
21.08.29 portable apps 64bit

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
I usually have 2 timeline tracks: video and audio. Normally I ignore the audio inside a video because I add my personal audio track and I synchronize them.
In my timeline I have video track MUTED. Below there is the audio track enabled.

Sometimes I want to use the audio internal to the video, so I have to “detach” it, and it finishes below, inside the audio track.

The bug is that all the filters inside the video are duplicated inside the audio track.
I consider it a bug, because audio track with “video” filters is unuseful, and of course, the video track without the audio part, keep the “audio” filters associated.

I ask then to correctly distribute filters based on their type, during “DETACH” process, leaving video filters on video track, and audio filters on detached audio track.

Should not this be more correct?

Anomaly persist in 21.10.31

I’ve found another important error.

If I have STABILIZE filter in video, not “analyzed”, and I detach audio, the STABILIZE filter will be also copied inside Audio.
When I export video, shotcut tells me that some stabilization processes must be completed before proceeding.

Stabilization processes referred are, wrongly, inside AUDIO Track, and unfortunately, takes long long time to be completed. So the video will be ok when Audio stabilizations (???) will be completed, and find out where it is, to remove it, inside a long timeline with lot of clips, could be manually difficult.

There is a filter flag that separates video filters from audio filters, as you can see when you add a filter to a clip. This information should be used to match the destination of the filter. Audio track or video/audio track.

Maybe in future version…

This has been implemented for the next release.

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