Captioning tutorial?

Hi. All the tutorial videos I find are old. The version I have of shortcut, the latest as of right now, does not have the same options …and more importantly…

These vids do not show how to bring the text from the project window down to the timeline.

Any video link would be helpful.
PS I’m very new at this !


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How about sharing a video that you want to use with your current version.

I don’t understand. The vid is not made so how would I share it? Maybe I was not clear. I’m making a video out of still photos with music. I want to put the lyrics on the phtoos in the video. The tutorials I see skip steps…are just not clear and most are with older versions. I’m using v22.

There are many different ways to add text or captions to your video. I can’t guess what happened in the video you watched. If you share the video you watched, we can work through it to adapt it to what you want to do in your video. This is what I meant.

The best way to use text is to create a Video track and have it be the top most track. Create a transparent color clip. Open Other → Color. Drag that clip to your timeline on the top most track you just created. Apply Text: Simple or Text:Rich filter to that transparent color clip.


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Ah, I see. Yes, the video tutorial I watched. Duh, I should have known. Sorry.
Based on the screen recording you just made me, I think I understand.
Let me see if I can follow these steps. What’s a mystery right now is how to drag the text down into the video track. But experience is what I need. Thanks very much

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From the Source tab, left click and drag down to the timeline. It automatically flips back to the Project tab. The transparent color will appear black in the source tab.

Not to confuse you, but there are many well-written tutorials within the Shotcut forum.
Look at these text tutorials.

Don’t grab the text itself. Grab any part of the preview that is outside of the text box (rectangle), then, drag to the timeline.



Hi @illusionsgame - as well as the excellent advice given in this thread, my tutorial video might help you. Cheers and good luck with your captions!

… and if and when your Shotcut skills improve, you could try some text effects like these if you wish:

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Another way is to create a subrip file, a very simple text file containing the subtitles and the time they appear on the video, and use a utility I created to add these to your Shotcut project. See below for more information and a tutorial on how to do this:

I’m hoping that the “subtitles” implementation on the roadmap will work something like putting notes on the timeline.

Thanks to all who repied. I’m really loving this forum. You folks rock.

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Thank you @illusionsgame - we’re quite a friendly helpful community on here!

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