Notes Feature: Add to timeline ==> Easy subtitles

The NOTES+VOICEOVER Feature is a real help, as you go along you can develop the script.

What would be Nice To Have, would be to create multiple Note panels recorded as clips along the timeline, where you could adjust the length, start/stop. As the video plays, the Note panel would change content to Note1 Note2 etc. This localizes the notes to particular times or clips on the timelines.

To get the current operation, for example, you would just have ONE note clip that extends the entire length of the timeline.

These notes would stay with the MLT and not necessarily go into the export.

HOWEVER, without additional pain, a direct export to SRT or other subtitle format would be academic if you used these notes to record script/subtitles, since you would have all of the timing information already there.

ALSO, a plain cumulative text export that concatenates all of the notes would give you an untimed script, or just a nice single notes file to use in posting descriptions etc.

Easy money! =)

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BTW this is referenced from the current operation of Notes/Recording ver 22.04.25 (appimage fwiw)