Can't see "merge with next clip" on screen

I have to make some of my cuts undone but I don’t wanna go back to the beginning with “undone” button. I know there’s a solution but as the title says it’s not working.

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See this thread.

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There is a simple solution if you know consecutive clips A and B are from the same source and contiguous:
Lift (Backspace or Delete) one of them, make sure Ripple is off, and then extend the other clip. In case you wanted some of the filters of the clip you lifted, copy and paste them first.

They are not contiguous. I just wanna use a few clips as one to save my time. Don’t wanna set the same filters one by one.

When I have this situation, I put the clips on the same track, and then apply the filter to the track.

can I use filters on an entire track, how?

Left click the track header.

Select the filters panel. Add filter(s).


Then you can not merge them, and you are asking for groups of clips, which is different and already requested/suggested. Dunno if it will ever happen.

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