No option to merge with next clip

Hi. I know this is a fairly simple question to ask here, but I can’t seem to figure it out.
On my prior version of Shotcut I was able to right click on a splitted clip and select “Merge with next clip”, but now, after I uninstalled and installed, that option is gone. I’m using the same source clip. Does anyone know about this?

Merge with next clip has been hidden.

Thank you

What does “hidden” means?.

Is this feature still in shotcut?. I’m really missing it after updated it.

It is only available to people who can compile the code to expose it in order to fix its bugs. In the meantime, the workaround is simple: remove one clip and extend the other. In case your clips are not the same or not contiguous, then this is not a merge; that is called grouping, which is not yet available.

Thanks. Is sad to hear that.

I usually split a lot of clips to put one together, some of them are from the same video and after edit I would like to have a single “piece” instead of several ones.

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