Can't reset or re-adjust speed of a clip

I import a video, make a clip, and set the speed of the clip to 1.4 x. Bit too fast, so try to change it. Every time I try to change the number in the speed field, it resets back to 1.4 (tried typing, clicking the up/down, and pressing Reset button). No matter what speed I set a clip to (faster or slower), once it’s set I can’t change it. At one point when trying to adjust, Shotcut just closed itself, no message.

Any suggestions, advice or ideas would be appreciated.

Version: 18.12.23

Linux Mint 19, Cinnamon 64-bit, i7 processor

Did you try Ctrl + Z ?

Make sure your clip is actually selected with the red highlight around it.

Once you change your speed, hit enter, or click anywhere outside the speed field.

I can’t duplicated the issue you’re having with Windows 10.

And there is the History button: shotcut_2019-01-16_22-00-29
You can just click on the action you want to go back to.

Could not reproduce with SC 18.12.23 with Fedora.

There is a reset in the video properties panel.


Derp… I was looking for it too, ha ha. I never have used it. So used to using Ctrl Z in many apps, including Shotcut.

Didn’t realize it was even there.

Indeed I did this. Clicked outside the box, pressed Enter, clicked again, no difference.

Undo could work but doesn’t save between sessions (does the History save? – usually not)
Also, it’s not a direct undo. I want to speed up a clip, do a bunch of other things, and then be able to speed up more if necessary, but doesn’t work.

My current work-around is to keep a ‘backup track’ with ‘previous version’ of the relevant clips in it, so that I can go back to it to refer to. Messy though.

This might be a duplicate of the following, which was already fixed for the next version due by end of month:

Yes it may be related. I saw that post but my location settings are the same in my OS as they are in the software so figured it was worth a post in case it was something different (I reset all my location settings anyway, just to see if that helped). Hopefully it works in next version (and Linux and Mac are similar, so maybe fix for the component will work for mine too!)


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