Can't merge clips

I’m trying to merge these two clips together, but the option isn’t click-able. These two particular clips are gif-files, but I can’t do it with my MVP files either. I have made sure there is no room between the clips.

It’s the “saml næste klip” which is “merge with next clip”.

When you have the same file, and you had split it. This lets you merge what you had split previously.

You can only merge 2 clips if they were originally the same clip and you split it. You cannot merge 2 arbitrary clips.

Ah alright I see, is there no way to merge two arbitrary clips?

No. Is there any particular reason why you want to merge clips?

In terms of the video that you will produce, there is no need to merge clips. If they are next to each other, the export will act as though they are all part of one clip. The only reason I ever merge clips is just to keep the timeline from getting too cluttered - if I split a clip and then change my mind, I can merge it back together and not see yet another “cut” in my timeline.

One use-case I could see for merging clips would be if you wanted to apply a keyframed filter across them. This is easy for 1 clip, but would be difficult (yet not impossible) over multiple clips.


I had a clip of a gif that was only a second long and I wanted it to fill a 10-second long video. So instead of copying the clip and having 10 tiny clips, I thought I could merge two or four clips and only have to have 2-3 clips of the same gif instead of a lot of tiny ones.

Instead of copy/pasting the same image, try one of these two methods instead.

Open the image file.
Click on Properties
Set the duration (Timecode is HH:MM:SS:FF FF=Frames)

You can also stretch the image on the timeline. With snapping enabled it will stop where there is an end of a clip or a cut within a clip.

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Woah that’s super helpful, thank you so much!

Excellent point!

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