Can't get rid of audio popping sounds

Howdy, I’m working on another football video editing project, and I’m having problems with the audio again. There are audible popping sounds at the start and end of just about every audio clip I add in. I have fade ins/ fade outs, but that hasn’t fixed the problem. The pops happen at the very beginning of each fade in, and the very end of each fade out.

I have 2 audio tracks, one for the background music, and one for the football audio clips (announcers usually). The music isn’t having any problems, only the 2nd track with all of the football audio. The popping sounds do not happen while I’m editing in shotcut. It usually runs and sounds perfect while I’m in the program. I only hear the popping after the video has been exported when I’m watching in Windows Media Player. I have exported in both aac and ac3 with no difference in either one. I’d usually assume there was something wrong with the audio clips, but considering it’s happening with just about every single one, I feel like I’m doing something wrong in the editing or exporting process.

Any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks.

See this thread for some suggestions:

Tried everything in that thread. Just seeing if there are any other ideas out there.

There was also a lot of dicussion in this thread:

But I’ve only ever had “popping” happen to me once and that was when I moved a clip to join one adjacent but didn’t quite manage it and had a couple of blank frames in between them that I only saw when I zoomed into the timeline. Getting rid of the blank space cured my audio problem.

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Ok, so blank space might be the issue then. If I fill in the silent parts of the audio track with silent audio just to fill the space, maybe that could do it?

Update: filling in the blank space with blank audio made a big difference. You, sir, are my hero.

That’s OK, glad to have been able to help.

There were fixes in this area in the latest version 20.06. Try it

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