Can't Extract Subclip

I want to have a part of a video for another video. When I go to properties and hit the three lines, it shows extract sub-clip. I hit it and it starts extracting the selected clip. It then shows that it failed in jobs and will not open up when I try to view it from the file location. Any help?

Also, I would like the option to copy and paste between multiple Shotcuts.


You need to view the Job’s log to see why. This function will not work with all clips, and it is very difficult to predict. This will never become something that always works because it is trying to extract from a compressed file without recompression/encoding. When it does not work, then you must trim the clip and Export it by re-encoding.

Thanks. I did figure out that you can put that clip on the playlist and export it from there. Would there be any chance of being able to copy and paste between multiple Shotcuts or would the same type of error occur? Then I would be able to make a teaser and a funny ending with clips from the videos. (I hope that I don’t seem repetitive or anything like that about asking the same question twice). Also, while I have you I’m going to paste a link to another form for an idea. I hope that it’s a good idea. (I am not trying to get more awareness or anything like that. I just was hoping that you’d look at it. Thanks:)

If this is implemented then it will only pasting edit information and not actually audio and video. Yeah, it might look like audio and video, but it is not all like Extract Sub-clip or Export. And, no, I do not ever plan a paste feature that will do an extract or export in the process.

I look at all suggestions but I rarely implement them because there is an overwhelming amount of them, I am one person, I do not have employees, one other person helps occasionally, and I am giving priority to bugs and performance now.

Ok. Thanks for reading it anyhow. It is pretty tough when you are the only one who mainly works on a program. I like this program very much! Sometimes I will get carried away with my ideas because I wish that I was able to code and design my own video editor myself. Thanks for your time! :+1:

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