Combining Multiple MLT Clips in a Different Way

I know that this may sound confusing, but hopefully this is a good feature to Shotcut. (This is also very long). I would like to combine multiple MLT clips. I know that you can just simply hit File > Open MLT XML As A Clip. You would then drag it down from the source onto your timeline. It would appear as one entire clip on the video clip from timeline, without being able to edit anything that was done before this. You can also do that with the second video. One problem. You can’t change stuff as easily as you could before. You could trim and such, but say you have a track of music in the middle of where you want to edit and it causes an inconvenience. How about being able to expand that track so that you can see all of the edits within it and edit them however you like? It would be like a V1 inside of a V1 on the timeline. (Okay, that is the confusing part). The V1 inside of a V1 is like being able to see that one entire line on the timeline, but you can double click it and all of the edits expand so you can edit that one clip and others at the same time. You could do this with more video and audio tracks. This feature would make it so that you can still hit File > Open MLT XML as a Clip and drag from timeline to source and keep all of your edits editable. You can edit them and also edit another MLT file in the same Shotcut. I think that this would be very useful for switching between camera views. The only disadvantage is that it would probably lag or crash due to too much cpu or something like that. I hope that this makes sense. If anyone has any questions, suggestions, or complements, please leave a reply. Thanks for reading:)


Je pense que cela serait très pratique, notamment pour récupérer les couches Alpha de texte.
Cependant je pense que cela assez complexe à mettre en place.

Il faudrait créer la fonction ouvrir un MLT en tant que groupe, et que ce groupe se place dans le répertoire du projet et qu’il soit éditable sans une autre session de Shotcut.


I think that would be very convenient, especially to recover Alpha layers of text.
However, I think it’s quite complex to put in place.

The MLT function should be created as a group, and this group should be placed in the project directory and editable without another Shotcut session.