Can't Export - failed message

Created a simple 90 sec video (an MP3 track plus five JPEG stills); all went brilliantly, till Export - which immediately gave ‘Failed’. Was choosing the ‘defaults’ (MPEG-4, 16:9,1920:1080, mpeg4 codec, audio not disabled). And chose .mp4 for the file type. Can you help? Using 64bit Win 10 on a fast processor

BTW, as a matter of principle/personal ethic, I always pay/contribute when finding a shareware which I like and will use. With this one, right up to the export-fail I was musing “his app is BRILLIANT, user friendly, does exactly what I want - and as soon as the video is done I will definitely explore making a grateful payment”. This still stands, 100% so long of course that we can reach a solution to this glitch.

Appreciating in advance your help, Thanks, RJ99 in England

Those are not the defaults. Try again by restarting Shotcut, turn off the hardware encoder if it is on, and do not change anything in Export.
If it still fails, right click the failed job, get the log text and copy and paste it in a reply here along with your version number of shotcut.

Solved - by a reboot! Many thanks fpr the prompt reply. I tried again next morning and it worked perfectly (so the settings were fine). Marvellous app - I will use a lot and of course will contribute - thanks.

ps: I can’t see a place to contribute (money).
Bottom of page, left side.