Cannot use Hardware encoding

I am trying to encode some video (mp4), load it to the timeline, make some editing and set to encode it: In the “use hardware encoder” checked, popped up a message saying 'Detected hardware encoder - h264_nvenc. Then made other settings as on attached screenshot, pressed the “export file”. In the task manager I saw CPU 99% GPU 6%, I gather hardware encoder not working.
Shotcut version 19.08.16
Display card NVIDIA GeForce GT 710, lates driver update.
And something else: Selected to stop the project, answered “yes”, and “No” to save the project, but CPU still 99% (?), searched the task manager, there I found ‘qmelt’ still running, clicked to end the task.
I think I gave you all details.
Main problem how to make the hardware encoder and shortcut be friends.
The other issue I think is some bug.
Answers will be appreciated.

No, not necessarily. Hardware encoder is only for the encoding step ONLY. There is still a lot of other processing that is done on the CPU: decoding, scaling, padding, filters, transitions, track mixing, track blending.
Since encoding did not fail, it is quite likely using hardware encoding successfully.

See also FAQ

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