Is it normal the utilization CPUand GPU edcoding is about 20%

amd 2600
readon 5700

Would probably help if you could give us the rest of your settings. If you didn’t configure to use the GPU, then I’d fully expect it to be in the 20s or so. CPU being that low is a bit more surprising, but depends on what options you selected and how much that varies from the initial files you’re using.

Yes. It is not a bug. See also

It appears that, in your case, there is not much processing and only decoding. Shotcut still decodes on the CPU, and that becomes a bottleneck for the encoding. It does not make sense to do hardware-accelerated decoding if all of your processing and effects are not using the GPU. Making everything run on the GPU can be a goal, but it is extremely difficult to do cross-platform and cross-vendor. That is why some companies’ software only supports NVIDIA CUDA for GPU for example. Shotcut is not going that way.

See also FAQ

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