Cannot drag/resize Text Filters

Version 20.11.25, Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS distribution.
A text displays correctly, the text “rectangle” appears briefly when a specific filter is selected but it disappears immediatly. There is no way then to resize or move the text on the display. When you click on text rectangle it says, “You cannot drag in Project”. This was working as of Nov. 14, 2020, you could resize and move the text within the video display.

The playhead must be over the clip that has the clip. That was changed intentionally in the most recent version.

It is, and it does not work in Ubuntu at least.

It works for me in Ubuntu 20.04. Please debug it and submit a patch.

I found the problem. This occurs when there is a filter on Output. I will revert the change that caused this problem.

Not the last two I showed you.

Thank you. Wow, this is better than proprietary software support. Love your tool.

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