Cannot Drag Any Video Or Audio Clips Into Timeline

So I’ve constantly been getting an issue in which as I import a clip and am about to drag and drop it into the timeline, it quickly brings up a cancel kind of cursor. This then makes me have to restart shotcut all over again. I’ve searched throughout the internet but just keep finding the same playlist method solution in which it just doesn’t work out for me. Help?

It’s known issue but difficult to identify the cause.
Did you tried with the + or with a shortcut?

Try to give as much infos about your setting and where are the video files…

  1. Put the clip to playlist
  2. Drag it to timeline
  3. Insert new video track
  4. Move Clip from second track to first using drag and drop
  5. Now You cant put anything from playlist to timeline - you get the red circle instead of cursor.
    Its repeatable on (win 7 and Win 10) 64

Thank you for giving your steps. Unfortunately, I did not reproduce it using version 19.02.28. @Dusty_Malangi What version are you using?

I never had this problem, until today.

Today is the day I started using Proxies.
Could that influence the problem?

But I am doing something else different today.
I accidentally left Chrome running (with 17 tabs) while editing. I never do that; the system runs out of memory and processing power. Ooops.
Even after restarting ShotCut (problem went away, for a while) which always alleviates memory problems (Kubuntu Linux 18.04 seems to hang on to application memory), I am using 7.6 of 7.8 GiB for apps.
Perhaps this is the problem; perhaps ShotCut asks Linux for more memory to populate the track, and Linux says “No”.

Guesses, only guesses… …with 50 years of debugging behind them.
(Shotcut 20.11.28)

Hello. Now for the first time I’ve encountered the problem discussed here, I can’t move a clip from the playlist to the timeline with the mouse.

Closing the program and reopening does not help me. Not being able to drag a clip into the timeline with the mouse is a constant problem.

This problem arose, I assume, after updating to Shotcut 05.23.14

Other ways to add a clip to the timeline work. But dragging with the mouse is much more convenient for me. Can you suggest what can I do?

I have Ubuntu 23.04.

Here is a video with my problem.