Cannot create new project folder or save to existing folder

Is there a command console fix (Win10) that can get Shotcut vers. 22.06.23 to create a new project folder. Currently getting the “Unable to create folder (folder name). Maybe you don’t have permission. Try again with a different folder.” message. I am the administrator and ran Shotcut as administrator. Existing .mlt files open without a hitch but when trying to save again after making any changes to the timeline it won’t allow me to save. I uninstalled and cleaned the registry then installed the previous version of Shotcut but am now getting all the same error messages. Any helpful interventions on this would be appreciated.

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See Export fails with "[consumer avformat] Could not open" - #4 by shotcut

Thanks very much it worked a charm and solved the issue. I switched the CONTROLLED FOLDER to ON yesterday. I’m hugely impressed by the excellent response and solution. Thanks again.


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