Can i use my GPU to render/export?

So recently i found out in blender i can use my gpu to render/export and it speeds it up significantly. Then i started thinking can i do the same in shotcut? if so how?

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I’m backing up the following statement, as the next post clarifies GPU does not support render/export as of November 2016 but only playback.

Sure thing, buster. Just go to the main menu and enable settings/GPU processing

Simple video showing where to click:

As far as I understand however, transitions (and possibly effects) will keep using CPU if you added them before switching and vice-versa if you start a project with GPU enabled and then turn it off.

No, for clarification that setting only enables GPU processing for playback, not exporting. I made the same mistake here too :S

Thank you for the quick responce and ironicly a little while after i did find out how to enable it but to me i feel like it did speed up exporting procces a lot potentaly could it have been added recently?

:sweat_smile: Haha, gpu encoding has not been added yet, sorry. It might have just been some changes to exporting settings or a coincidence…

Technically, that is incorrect. The GPU Processing option is used for some image processing routines (GPU filters, video track compositing, and transitions). That works for both preview and export. However, export typically also involves encoding, and that is the part that is not hardware-accelerated at this time.