GPU / Hardware supported encoding

since i am a newbie in this forum, first i want to ssy thank you for that great software. I ve been looking around for a while for such a good editing software. :slight_smile:

I tried around with encoding settings but missed GPU supported encoding. My PC uses a i5-6600k Skylake with HD530 Graphics and an Nvidia GTX 970. So i could use Intel Quick-Sync or Nvidia Nvenc for en/transcoding.

Are there any plans for GPU - supported encoding, like OBS or Blender already do?

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You can enable GPU processing for Shotcut by selecting settings > GPU processing (experimental).

This will allow Shotcut to use the GPU for encoding jobs, among other things. However it is still a work in progress, and you may find it to be either ineffective or unworkable with certain tasks. In that case you should disable it for that scenario, and know the bug isn’t with the function itself, but is just currently not compatible with the setting.

Lauren, GPU processing is only for the image processing prior to encoding. He is asking about encoding, which does not currently support GPU acceleration. Are there plans? Maybe.

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Oh alright, my mistake.

Thanks… NVENC can be used now. Works well. Any plans for INTEL Quicksync. IMAO QS works much faster on INTEL CPUS and it produces a better quality.


ping… :wink:
No plans for Intel QS ?

QuickSync encoding now works perfectly… Thank you ver much for this… Helps alot to speed up export of a video. :-))