Can I increase performance on my laptop for shotcut?

so I kinda tried everything and I do a fair amount of projects every week so I would like to know if there is anything else I could do to make shotcut less laggy, I have proxies on and preview scaling and I am afraid of changing the video mode resolution because it might have an effect on the main export, I have 4 GB of ram and it runs well unless I try to highly edit on it, I can deal with it but I just wanna find another solution to help me

See the minimum system requirements in the FAQ.

If you are using Proxy and Preview scaling, you are doing everything you can. Also, maybe sure there are absolutely no other applications running when you are using Shotcut.

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what about playback? I do wonder if I can reduce lag on playback

This is definitely a weak link. Is there an affordable way to increase this to at least 16?

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It’s soldered

In the first instance I would say to you that 4 GB Ram is very low, try to increase this if possible. Remember to close other applications, especially those you don’t need to use at the moment, don’t have windows open in your web browser. Seemingly obvious, but we often forget these things.

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