Can I downmix video tracks to apply filters to the mixed result?

When using transpareny effects like fading, blend mode, chroma key or alpha: How can I downmix the result, so that subsequent filters will affect all in common, rather than only the upper track?
In Audio, there is a “downmix” filter (working accordingly?)
Or do I have to export and then continue?

You’re looking for “adjustment layers”. Blender has them. Shotcut does not.


Shotcut does not have the equivalent of a live track bounce or aux buss.

For single-track opacity, simply the order of filters will do what you want. For multi-track bouncing, it will take an export and re-import.

I can even set filters to it, getting (in another manner) exactly the result I was asking for.
Did not yet test if tor audio, but anyway this is more than the previous answers were stating.
Maybe good to know for others, too.

Output filters apply to the entire timeline. For a short video or a pre-processing segment, this may be okay. For a long video where only a section of it needs the adjustment layer, Output filters don’t work so well. It would take Output filter trimming plus manual intervention to update the trim points anytime the clips moved on the timeline. Super fragile and a pain to remember what’s going on if you sleep between edit sessions.

It just depends on how complex the project is.

That’s true. I wonder how complex it would be to create a reliable filter for this job (“downmix” within the track) including the testing. I guess that more priority is needed for debugging jobs and improving tool tipps.

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