Can I change KEY BINDINGS!?!?

For god’s sake PLEASE tell me I can rebind keys, it’ll make my video editing SO much easier.

If I can, please tell me how.

If not, then why not!??!?! It’s essential!

Help > Actions and Shortcuts

Thanks, usually people put those things in the “file” or “edit” tab and leave the “help” tab exclusively for documentation, kinda weird setup dude.

Your discouraging attitude is not appreciated. A keyboard shortcut reference and a searchable list of actions (also tells it location) belongs in the Help menu. If you ever used a Mac, every app’s menu is automatically searchable via a Help > Search menu item. That was an inspiration, but we took to another major level. Then, we made the shortcut editable there because a) that is where they are and b) a separate editor would effectively be completely redundant. I don’t like to repeat things in multiple places in my app. I bet if I had put this in our Settings menu you would still not find it because it not File or Edit (“tab”, really?) and not “key bindings.” So, do we list it multiple times with different names in multiple locations? That would be a weird setup, dude.


I have never seen it file or edit tab in the settings on any editor. They also have it in the help menu :man_shrugging:
Or usually they have a whole seperate menu.

Only hitfilm probably has that type of setup.