Building a Massive Library of Free Images for Everyone

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been building a library of thousands of images that might be useful under titles, for visual effects and for other things. All I ask in return is to be attributed in your videos as explained on my site:

My images can be accessed from the top menu bar on my site. I sincerely hope some of them are helpful! :slight_smile:


The Pexels website is very useful for free and royalty-free images and videos. If you join you can add to their over 3 million items. See:

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Similar sites include and (the latter does have some more restrictive licensing on some media). Both of these include sounds/music, pictures, and videos. For sounds/music only, (despite the name, this site does include some non-free music as well).

There are other sites that are sources for free / royalty free media, including some provided by members of this forum; the above are the ones that I have stumbled across that allow one to contribute your own media to the collections.

On edit: I can’t access the mixkit site … don’t know if it is temporarily down, or permanently down.

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It’s working for me at the moment

It also works for me, and was also working 30 mins ago.

I think the site is on development in some regions

I don’t know why everyone is pasting links to stock image websites, because you have already said that they are for Visual Effects and textures for titles.

But they are very nice, I am now using the bark texture of yours to make my tree in blender.

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In the search box in Pexels, type “Texture” it will come up with over 20,000 images. You can narrow it down e.g to Wood, Brick, Marble etc…

This isn’t to detract from Eric’s kind provision of images, just to point out other resources for this type of image.

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Hmm, working now. Must have been some temporary issue.

Greetings Fellow Creatives!

This week’s new free images are on these pages:

ORGANIC (Artistic)
GROUND (Artistic)

You can access / download them here:

4000+ more images are waiting for you on my site.


I’ve also created a new page where you can access my learning videos:

Enjoy…and keep being creative!

I like the “Alien Skin” textures. I’d be interested to know how you created them.

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Thanks! I created those by mixing my images together in various ways in Photoshop. I did a bunch of fantasy stone textures that way, too. They’re here if you’re interested:

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Happy November Everyone!

New free images are ready for you on these pages on my site:

METAL - Artistic (Tile-able)
STONE - Artistic (Tile-able)

You can download them here:

Does anyone need some custom assets created? Just let me know! :slight_smile:

Very nice. Thank you very much

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You’re very welcome! :slight_smile:

Happy Friday Everyone!

More free images are in need of good homes in your projects. My newest ones are on these pages:

WOOD (Artistic)

Enjoy, stay well and keep creating cool stuff!

Greetings Creative Souls!

My newest free texture images are on these pages:

PAPER (Artistic)
BARK (Artistic)
BRICK (Artistic)

I’ve created over 4600 more…all free to use in your projects with attribution.


Greetings Everyone,

Brand new free texture images are ready and in need good homes in your projects. They’re on these pages on my site:

CONCRETE (Artistic)
FUR/CARPET (Artistic)

As always, you can access them here:


For those of you who have been using my music, all 190+ tracks from my Funny/Quirky/Weird pages are now available in higher-quality Ogg format. You can download them individually or all at once as a music pack.

So enjoy, stay healthy and keep creating!

Happy December Everyone!

Kicking off the new month, you’ll find brand new seamless textures on these pages on my site:

GROUND - Artistic (Tile-able)
METAL - Artistic (Tile-able)

To access them:


Anyone need some custom textures created? Feel free to pm or email me. :slight_smile:


Greetings and Happy Friday!

This week’s new free seamless textures are on these pages on my site:

ROCK/STONE - Artistic (Tile-able)
WOOD - Artistic (Tile-able)

You can access them here:


For those of you who have been using my free music, I’m working on Themed Music Packs in higher-quality Ogg format which I hope will be helpful. This week’s pack is “Fantasy Settings,” which contains Earthy-sounding music tracks for locations like villages, bogs, forests, castles and other settings. The tracks are contained in a Zip folder so they can be downloaded all at once. You’ll find it on this page on my site:


Lots more to come. Have a good weekend! :slight_smile:

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

This week’s new free seamless textures are on these pages on my site:

BARK - Artistic (Tile-able)
BRICK - Artistic (Tile-able)
CONCRETE - Artistic (Tile-able)
FUR/CARPET - Artistic (Tile-able)
GROUND - Artistic (Tile-able)
METAL - Artistic (Tile-able)
ORGANIC - Artistic (Tile-able)
ROCK / STONE - Artistic (Tile-able)
VEGETATION - Artistic (Tile-able)
WOOD - Artistic (Tile-able)

You can access them, as well as my other 4600+ images, here:

If you find my efforts helpful, please consider making a small donation on my site to help support it.

In the meantime, enjoy my assets and have a safe holiday! :slight_smile:

Happy New Year, Fellow Creatives!

To kick off 2022, we have some brand new free textures on these pages on my site:

BARK - Artistic (Tile-able)

BRICK - Artistic (Tile-able)

As always, feel free to edit them, mash them, use parts of them, combine them with other images or anything you like. :slight_smile:

You can access them from here: