Bruh, put a auto save function

My program crashed. I’ve been for 3 or more hours editing my audio record, when the program lagged so much that the window turned back to the Windows 7 style, while this, I thinked “I must have saved the file”.

I named the file, so why don’t the program have a function like make a copy of my original file and save in there each modification I do, or saving time in time, bruh, I lost my motivation with that one, great program tho, but this is just an basic feature it should have

This new backup system works great.
You only get this feature by updating to the newest version.

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It does have this for crash recovery (it works most of the time for most people not only for me but as commented by others). See the “Autosave” section in this documentation:

Then, there is File > Backup and Save you can do manually. Finally, the latest version 24.01 adds automatic backup that defaults to daily but you can change it to hourly in Settings > Backup.

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