Blur not covering sensitive content at bottom of screen

Hi there everyone!

I’ve messed up. I created a how-to video, one part of which has a set of license keys that I blurred out but after uploading to youtube, I noticed that Shotcut did not blur the very bottom key. I deleted the video and went back to Shotcut but I see that the softened edge of the blur simply refuses to cover that part. I’ve tried everything I can think of but I just can get that important bit covered:

Can someone tell me how I might cover that important bit of text?

Thanks for your time!

The current beta version introduces new Blur filters. Go ahead and download it here and see if they work out better for you. If you are still having issues with the new Blur filters then reply in that very thread about the issue so that it can be fixed for the official release.

Thanks very much for the help, DRM. The beta performs in the same manner as the version I was running so I’ve got to find another way to hide that portion of the browser or I need to recreate some of the video, which sucks but will teach me to trust a video filter to hide my sensitive stuff.

Thanks very much for taking the time to help, I really appreciate it!

The beta performs in the same manner as the version I was running

That includes the new Blur filters (i.e. Exponential, Low Pass and Gaussian)? All the new Blur filters gave you the same issue?

Yes, I applied all of them and even with softness set at 0, the blur feature has soft enough edges to allow the text to be read at any edge of the screen.

Could you please write this up in the thread I linked you to for the beta? :slight_smile: This way hopefully the old and new Blur filters can be worked on before the official new release.

It seems to be a problem caused by the blur filter not the mask filter.
If I set the height to 36px, I get a similar bar like in your screenshot but if I reduce it to a value below 10px, the bottom will be blurred. (I only were able to use your mask filter settings so I just used some values in the blur filter to reproduce your problem. If you append all settings used, it is easier to reproduce - just a suggestion for the future :slight_smile:.)
So this is not an issue you have to report.
By the way, why is the name of your mask filter just Mask and not Mask: Simple Shape? Are you using a version before 18.12 (

Read you lima charley, no report will be made.

I meant to look at my version prior to the update but forgot :see_no_evil: I will try to be more accurate with my requests for assistance in the future(I know I’ll need more help in the future :smiley: )

Thank you both for all your help!

Good work out there, over. :laughing:

So I assume, my answer did solve your problem? (I was too quick to judge your problem as not report worthy since my answer might not be the correct one.)
Just to be sure, the order of the filters is:

  • Mask: Simple shape
  • Blur
  • Mask: Apply

You’re welcome! I am a newbie as well so I know how crucial help is :smile:.

I think the best way to mask sensitive information is to position a solid color clip over it.

Did a test of all the blur filters to see which one works best to hide sensitive information.

It seems box blur works best. The pixels need to be adjusted to get the best masking. I set the Exponential, Gaussian, and Low Pass filters included in the Beta version to 100%. They do not do a perfect job of masking. Zooming in close enough one can make out some of the information.

The best filter is the mosaic filter. The H and V pixels need to be adjusted to get the best masking.

The mask filter was set to 0 softness.

Frame exports

Yeah, I also did not use a blur for hiding sensitive information but rather edited the picture beforehand.
For a video clip I would use a filter in Shotcut and after your demonstration I will rather use the mosaic filter than a blur filter.

Had I taken more time, I would have liked to used the mosaic filter as well. It’s also got hard edges, which I think might have solved my problems.

I’ll be sure to use it next time!

I agree with this - just to add that you could experiment with applying an opacity filter to the solid colour clip and see whether it covers your sensitive information OK. Just another possibility.

You can add the same blur filter more than once to blur more.

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