Blur filter is missing

So I had an idea to start a YouTube channel and I was searching for a good video editor. While searching I came across with shotcut and I downloaded it. It is really good and the Interface is really nice. It is easy to work on it and has everything simplified.

For types of videos that I make, sometimes I want to cover sensitive information that I don’t want other people to see, so that’s why I want to blur them but, I can not do it because Blur filter in shotcut is actually missing.

I saw some tutorials on youtube how to blur something and they are using a filter that is called ONLY Blur
My shotcut has some blur filters (That are called:Blur: Box, Blur: Exponential, Blur: Gaussian and Blur: Low Pass) but they will make your whole video blurring and nothing can be see…

I’m using the latest version of shotcut. It is a portable version and my OS is Debian based. More specifically Kali Linux. I hope that this would be fixed soon.

Thanks In Advance, TheCowMilk.

The Blur filter is not missing. More Blur filters got added recently so they have been categorized accordingly. The Blur filter that used to be the only one available before is now called “Blur: Box”. What you are looking for is to cover up a specific section of the screen. There a number of ways you can do this. One way is to just use the Spot Remover filter. Another way is you can use either one of the Blur filters or the Mosaic filter in conjunction with the Mask Simple Shape filter. If the target object is moving you will have to move the Spot Remover filter or the Mask filter with keyframes.

Here is a tutorial showing how to do this with the Mask filter method which also introduces how to do keyframes:

@DRM mentioned the spot remover which is really easy to use and is very useful for covering sensitive informations, so I recommend it.

Heyy Hello, First let me thanks for taking your time to answer me.

In fact yeah, I did it. This was the tutorial that I have referred to and I have seen it. Actually shotcut is great now and I can blur specific part of the video.

But since you are here I have another question. Can you blur two specific part of a video? I mean adding another blur effect in the video.

Thanks, TheCowMilk

See this thread

Thank You So Much. Have all a great time :slight_smile:

Hey, sorry to bother you again but I’m having another issue with shotcut. I added another video to merge it but when I click at export, shotcut will export only the recent video I have added and not the whole the merged one. Any help please?

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