Black screen

Hi there I have an mp4 file but I can’t insert it to the timeline. I get Black screen, but I can see the movie
in source project when I change it to project I get black on the project window can some help please?

Try the different options in

Thanks for the answer yes you right some times it work and somtimes not

I have the same problem… black screen (version 20.10.31).
I drag n drop file to playlist and it plays only audio… without video.
I tried to change display method but still the same :confused:
“Shotcut Display Method Registry files for Windows” - those files didnt change anything.
When i try to “export Video” - then checked the “use hardware encoder” i get message “Nothing found” - is that a problem?

Did a previous version work for you? Shotcut is not compatible with every computer. Either it works for you, or it doesn’t.

I never used shotcut before. Where can i find older version?

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