BETA version 23.11 now available to test

Please try our beta release for the next version due by the end of November with easing keyframes, timeline improvements, and fixes both old and new.

Feedback on the beta is preferred in this thread.


The first problem I encountered was the long opening of the “open file” window in the new version of AppImage. The portable version and the old version do not have this problem.

The second problem is a broken rendering preset (Slide Deck H.264) with nvenc hardware encoder enabled. I am attaching the LOG file.
log.txt (1.6 KB)0

Rectangle selection in the Timeline.

Love it!
I’m wondering if it would be feasible to add a keypress (Press & hold Ctrl for example) that would temporarily disable grabbing and dragging clips in the Timeline?

That would allow to rectangle-select clips that are surrounded by other clips (no empty space to start the rectangle).
Like this for example:

Settings > Timeline > Automatically Add Tracks

May I suggest Alt + T as the default keyboard shortcut?
Easy to remember I think. At least for Windows users.

Also a short notification when the feature is turned ON or OFF



This is a known problem with the AppImage before this version. Maybe not for you, but reported by several others and experienced myself. I have no solution.

That should not be a new problem either, and you probably need to change B frames to 0

[h264_nvenc @ 0x7fc760002000] Multiple reference frames are not supported by the device
[h264_nvenc @ 0x7fc760002000] No capable devices found

The tooltip for the Slide Deck preset says “hardware encoding not recommended” because Slide Deck makes extensive use of reference frames and other features to get the file sizes down to very small sizes. Hardware encoders usually do not support these features, and will generally make larger files by nature, thus failing at the preset’s purpose of small file sizes. It’s a known limitation.

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Thanks for the help, I didn’t even know that this list of presets had tooltips, as I could never see them, I didn’t think to hold the mouse cursor over the preset for a few seconds to see this tooltip. Now I will know this.

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This is not something most should toggle frequently. You can turn it on, and if it added a track you do not want Undo immediately after. Or leave it off, and use the shortcuts to add a track.

would be feasible to add a keypress (Press & hold Ctrl for example) that would temporarily disable grabbing and dragging clips in the Timeline?

That is a good idea, but it is not possible the way the timeline is coded.

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No problem. Anyways it’s always possible to add a custom shortcut. That’s what I did.


For the Track Auto Fade Video filter, I suggest introducing separate settings for the “beginning and end of the track” and for transitions between clips (fragments). To do this, you can add the switch “separate settings for the beginning and end of the track” and another block of settings to the filter parameters. If the switch is off, all transitions on the track will be the same, otherwise the beginning and end of the track will have their own settings. The meaning of the sentence is that the beginning and end of the track is usually an “fade from and then fade in” to black. But the transitions between fragments can be very different depending on the plot and I would prefer in most cases flashes of white or transparency, so that some background from another track would appear for a while.

What does the new setting “automatically add tracks” do? I can’t figure it out… I don’t see anything different

One thing it does is making sure there is always an empty track available on top of the Timeline. I can see many occasions when I’ll use this feature.


After a day’s use, I notice that the “[Ctrl] Z” combination is more stable. It responds much faster and shotcut crashes much less often.
I am happy with that… :partying_face:


I actually signed up for the forum to see what the heck I could do to avoid a 5 minute “undo”. I haven’t tried the beta yet, but I downloaded it a few minutes ago. I’m running a very capable machine and shotcut has given me many a gray hair between the infinite undos, crashes and sound clicks when doing voiceovers internal to shotcut.

Thank you for adding easing keyframes. Much appreciated.

The software crashes / suddenly stops when I add another mlt-project to the timeline and try to play it.

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Just tested that, and it is working for me.

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I’ve had this happen too btw, windows 10 most recent shotcut version… I was unable to open MLT file as clip, shotcut just closes. it didn’t work once. I know you’ll say you can’t reproduce, but it is what it is.

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I use Windows 10 as well.

I’ve figured out the reason for the crash when opening MLT file as clip (for me anyway, for the file I was testing). The MLT file needs to be in the exact same video mode as the project it’s loaded into (same resolution, same frame rate).

@shotcut is this normal or a bug? sorry in advance if the question is stupid

Forgot to mention: the mlt file has keyframes (4-5 tracks, rich text that moves, it’s a title intro)

edit2: removing keyframes didn’t fix it

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