Best way to get ~1 second of black screen as a transition between segments?

I have a few games I want to turn into game movies and I want to use ~1 second of black screen between segments to indicate e.g. a change of location or a time skip between showing parts of a battle and the following cutscenes.

Is there a transition or something similar with just a black screen over a customizable time period?

Hi @rebof85625
You can create a black (or any other color) clip. and move it to the Playlist, and use it when you need those black spaces in the timeline.


By default I think the duration of those clips is 4 seconds, but you can change that default duration. Here’s how :

You coud quickly apply fades-in / fades-out to your clips to create smooth black transitions between scenes
Just double-click the round pulsating buttons that appears when you place your mouse cursor over the end corners of any clip:

Une autre solution :
Déplacez le second clip vers la droite de 1seconde pour créer un espace vide, donc noir.

Another solution :
Move the second clip to the right by 1second to create an empty space, therefore black.


Salut Namma
I thought of suggesting that one too, but that works only if there is nothing on the track bellow.

J’ai aussi pensé à proposer cette solution, mais ça ne fonctionne que si la piste du dessous est vide.

Thanks @MusicalBox: that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

I already played around with fades but that’s really not what I was looking for, and the same applies to doing it manually.

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