Best settings for image video

I create videos of images i.e. slides for educational purposes. But exported video looks like inferior to those images although I use Lossless export.

If there is any settings for better output, please inform me.

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The more info the better, and we are lacking a few details. Can you please tell us the following:

  • Operating system and Shotcut version.
  • What resolution are your images or slides (width and height in pixels)?
  • Have you applied any filters inside Shotcut to these images/slides? If so, then what?
  • What is your exported video’s resolution and frame rate (basically, your video mode setting)?
  • What “lossless” setting did you select? Did you choose it from one of the presets or did you modify any “advanced” parameters?

Someone else might be able to hazard a guess, but I will wait for those answers and then we can go from there!

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I predict that you did not set a Video Mode with a high enough resolution. It is a common problem when using images.

All the questions that @PoisonedSlice asked would be good to know to help. Screenshots are also very good to see.

OS: Zorin OS 16.2
ShotCut version: 22.12

Image resolution is 1920*1080 PNG

I applied filters like size and position with key frame on some portion.

I exported the video in 1080p 30 fps.

I used ShotCut preset Lossless export h.264 and no changes in preset.

What is the Settings-Video Mode?

I selected this option in the beginning of the project - HD 1080p 30fps.

Thanks for the information. It sounds like video mode is not your problem. Can you share screenshots of your images before and after? Also a screenshot of the Shotcut UI might give a clue.

Lossless does not mean RGB is not converted to YUV with chroma subsampling. It simply means that the compression scheme is not lossy. These are standard video concepts, and video is generally softer than its RGB source. Shotcut is not a slide presentation tool.

I applied filters like size and position

That causes interpolation (mixing of pixels), which slightly degrades an image.

Your output is probably fine, and perhaps you are being too picky and viewing too closely. How are you going to deliver these videos to people? Most people cannot play lossless video. So, when you convert it for playback it will lose even more detail. If you will be showing them from your computer these people will be sitting a distance from the screen such that they will not be able to discern fine details.

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You assumption is absolutely correct. The exported video was fine. But I need lossless video because after uploading on YouTube, it gets compressed. And the text, highliter look like somewhat slightly fading. It’s not a major issue.

But if I upload lossless video on YouTube, I think this minor issue will be fixed. I may be wrong here.

Here is a way to do lossless RGB output (assuming you do not use filters that move pixels):

  1. choose lossless/H.264 preset
  2. change Codec to libx264rgb
  3. In Other tab replace contents with

Some people report that they export their project in 4k to trick YouTube into using higher quality. Maybe something to try.

Excellent, thanks for answering!
It looks like you have an answer, but just out of curiosity did you apply more than one size, position, & rotate (SPR) filter to any of these images?

Being a slide presentation, I used that filter with key frame at the end of each slides or images.

Watch this clip

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