Batch relinking of input files

I needed to transfer project with many input files to another PC. When I open project in new pc, relink manager invoked and let me correct paths to files. I had to manually set the new path of many files, however they were in the same folder with same names. I suggest that manager for example could try to find also other missing files in the specified folder with the same names and let user just to confirm that.

Thank you.

That is a good idea, but actually I had planned to add a Search… to the missing files dialog to pick a folder, and it will search within that folder and then subfolders recursively.

It is time for me to make another tutorial video, and as a topic, I was thinking to be about how to make a project with relative paths. Or, is that already covered well enough in the v16.06 release video?

It will be OK with the possibility to pick folder, looking forward to it :).

I would welcome tutorial about making relative paths (didnt catch it in 16.06 release video).

Can you please check my post about monthly recurring payment, because Im affraid that there is some problem with my recurring payment, thank you.