Monthly recurring subscription

Im planning to setup monthly recurring payment to stay patron forum member and to at least this way support this cool project. Im newbie in these things - can you tell me, if I for some reason will decide to cancel payment, how can I do it?

Very good question. You go here to manage your account:

There is a link “Orders” where you can cancel.

I used PayPal when I joined because it would not take my credit card. I intended it to be a monthly subscription but apparently I’ve been getting a free ride. When I saw this post, I tried to rectify that. I clicked the link and I was able to add my credit card information this time but I don’t see an “Orders” link – just “Profile” and “Subscriptions” – and it says I have none of the latter. How can I fix it so that I’m paying for a monthly subscription?

Thanks for chiming in, John. Since you used PayPal, I had to manually add you to memberful and grant you access. However, it appears the process to revoke access is not as it appears. Because I added you manually (and your grant) you have no orders and there is no link. It appears that I am going to have to delete the expired members instead of simply revoking the access grant. I will wait a little bit before doing that with your account so that you can test this for me. Can you please visit this link and let me know if accepts your order?

I’m not sure I follow you. I was able to add my credit card information earlier but there are no options to do anything else.

Sorry, I forgot to paste the link!

This is a “purchase” link. It is actually the same one as used on the main web site’s download and forum pages.

Okay, that worked and I got a monthly renewal confirmation email.

Hi there,
I have a problem with monthly recurring subscription. In may I paid “One month Shotcut forum” and in june I started “Monthly Renewal Shotcut Forum”. On the 12th july I received Renewal failed mail, so I went to my forum profile updated my card and pressed Turn on auto renewal - everything seemed OK, but next day I received renewal failed mail again. So now I added the address to my profile and remove card credentials and tried it again. Now it again seems OK so wondering if transaction will work.

Im from Czech Republic. First transaction 14.6. of monthly recurring forum performed with no problems.
Have anybody similar problem?

Thank you