Bad Export Video

My final video on shotcut plays smoothly. But I have exported it over 6 times with different settings and the video seems to freeze/lag at certain points. At the same point every time, with a few variations in different exports. I am going to try and change the source video, but I doubt this is the fault.
The video (picture) freezes and unfrezees but audio works fine.
Windows 8.1
core i7, 64 bit OS

Shotcut version 21.09.20

Deintelacer : one field
Interpolation : bilenear
Export settings is at default
Tried using the youtube export, the default export, and some other HDV setting.

Do you get the same result using Default settings?

Going into Advanced, and changing settings can result in bad video. There is nothing in place that will tell you that you made the wrong changes, other than the bad video, or a failed export. Meaning, there is no warnings or popups giving you advice on what you should use.


You can read more on Exporting here:

Just selected the “export with preview scaling”
And it’s the first time the final export played smoothly. But the quality is poor obviously, since preview scaling is set to 360p

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