Background music problem

hello all, I’m new user, and i have problem with background music. When i paste any mp3 as a background it starts where i want. when i take zip again to the begining of this music file, it starts from the midle of the music file. please help. best regards

Hi @jaqb
What do you mean by “when i take zip again”?

i mean this white line, it’s shows you place, where are you (time) on your project , im puting mp3 on audio line, and when it’s played first time everything is allright, when i’m taking for example 30 sec back and play it once again, music starts from center of song … i don’t know if i make it clear (sorry)

That white line is called the Playhead

Sorry for asking, but are you sure you are actually moving the playhead?
When the playhead is moved to a position, I see not reason for the playback to start at another position.

yes i’m doing same like you, but i don’t know why when i’m going back to start of the mp3 file, timeline starts from the beginig and audio starts from middle … (some kind of randomize, i don’t know whats going on)

Maybe there is a problem with your mp3 file.

Try to convert it to an edit-friendly format.

  • Select the audio clip
  • Go to the Properties panel.
  • Click the Convert button.
  • Chose one of the 3 settings (Good is good enough)
  • Click OK
  • In next window, chose a destination for the converted file.
  • After the conversion is done, your original file will be replaced by the converted one in the timeline.



I too, have had this issue. I have an mp3 on the timeline. I will play the video, stop it and move the play head either backwards or forwards, and it will continue playing the music right where I originally stopped it. I have to save my work, close the program and restart it.

Usually, that will fix the problem, but lately, it’s been almost constant when I first start a project. It seems to alleviate as I keep editing and doesn’t occur at all once I’m well into a project.

I have experienced this issue sporadically for the last year or so, but it just seems to happen more often in the last few months.

This is in the #FAQ . Only some MP3 are affected.

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lol… I see a “few” others have asked about this. I’ll bet you’re tired of answering it. hahah MANY THANKS for the help!

will try it, and give you an answer, thanks a lot for your time

Converting the audio files definitely stopped the issue for me. Thank you to both of you.

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