Music not getting fully rewinded

So, whenever I place an audio (mp3) into the editing track or vido track, it will always have the same issue. The problem is that whenever I want to rewind my song, it won’t rewind it entirely. It will instead go to the beggining of the track (second 00.00) and instead of starting from the beggining, the song will instead play from where I left it.

So for a weird example, let’s say you’re editing a pop song. Whenever the drop happens and you rewind the song, the song will still continue from where the drop was left off instead of starting from the beggining.

I do have a video of this issue but I can’t seem to post videos.

This is a common problem with MP3 files. Many of them do not seek properly and require the “Convert” feature to make them editable.

Here is a recent discussion:

Thank you so much for helping me with this issue. I really appreciate it!

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