Awful performances since crash / help reset

I am using shotcut to do some very basic editing on pretty long videos (up to 5h, 1080p30 ~7000kb/s), it usually runs fine. But today it crashed after I tried to change clip speed, and since then performance are awful, right clic menus are laggy to the point it gets unusable, video takes multiple seconds to pause, some actions just make shotcut unresponsive for 30 seconds, playhead is really laggy it’s just painful.
It doesn’t seem to be performance limitations as it’s just eating 30% CPU when it freezes, it just feels like it’s stuck doing nothing.

Why am I not getting performances back to normal after restarting shotcut, cleaning appdata, restarting computer, deleting shotcut folder and extracting portable zip again. Hell I checked registry but that’s the only thing I didn’t reset yet cause i’d like to keep settings at least …

Please help, I’d hate to move to a more complex editor, it was fine til now :confused:

W10 (fresh installed 3 weeks ago), shotcut-win64-221221, i5 4590, RTX 2060, 24GB RAM, none of these get stressed by shotcut.

This is the process that seems to work, and it is best to do it step by step, precisely as detailed below:

That includes cleaning of the registry which is important. However, what you described seems quite bizarre, but the 30% CPU doesn’t tell you anything useful about what’s really going on (other than you know Shotcut isn’t gobbling that all up) so I’d check windows updates, let them all run and then reboot before doing the shotcut uninstall/reinstall process above.

Two other things to try if the above doesn’t work; go for a full uninstall and then try a different version (or even the executable, instead of the portable version), or install on a new user (windows) profile.

Thanks i’ll try that
about the CPU, I see 30% use and no disk/GPU use while shotcut is frozen, likely means it’s stuck, not doing anything useful / it’s not due to hardware, or it would use it all I guess (just like it does on export)

What is using 30%?
Did you wait for Shotcut to generate a waveform for your 5 hour video? That is going to take a little while.

Wow I think I figured it out, it may be PowerToys that made Shotcut extremely laggy

Yes I confirm, FancyZones in PowerToys is causing massive performance issues in Shotcut.
So FancyZones disabled for now

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Thanks for sharing that finding! I will add it to the FAQ tag.

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