Awesome contributors

I am new to Shotcut, and had a question that landed me on this forum post.

I am a fairly technical person, although I am clueless with Shotcut. I just wanted to say that @Steve_Ledger had the patience of Job, and I’ve never seen anyone on any forum continually stay so polite and helpful towards someone so unappreciative.

I wanted to give a “thumbs up” to your profile in general, @Steve_Ledger , but I could not figure out how. So, here is my non-post post to say, “thanks”. (BTW, you also helped answer my issue in your response to Kosmani.)



Interesting - I’ve been a Shotcut forum member since August 2017. Steve Ledger was a very regular contributor until about March 2018, I think - then his posts suddenly stopped.

I often wondered why this was so. I do hope he’s OK. He was very helpful to lots of people, including me when I first asked questions here.

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