Automatically applying filters

99% of the time, when I load a clip I apply a correctional LUT and Color Grading. Is there a setting somewhere that they can automatically load whenever I do open a clip? That might seem a little lazy, but I’m just trying to cut down on some busy work when I’m editing. Thank you!

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You can load the filters on the track instead of the clip, so that any clip you load on that particular track gets all the filters applied

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I bet @jonray could come up with a AutoHotkey script that does just what you need @RickS

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@RickS - I took @musicalbox’s idea and came up with the Auto HotKey script below. It gives you a semi-automated process and may save you some time…
It only works on Windows.
To use it:

Install AHK.
Right-click the attached file and select “Run Script”
In SC, select a clip on the timeline.
Press CTRL/Q
The mouse should move on its own and the script will:
1 Select the filters tab
2 Type LUT into the filter search
3 Select the LUT filter
4 Click “Open”
5 Stop
(allowing you to type in whatever file name you like).
Likewise pressing CTRL/W will automatically apply a colour grading filter to your clip.

Not totally automatic but you may like to try it!

PS you can edit the script further if you know what you are doing. For example I put in a few “Sleep” lines to the code. This pauses Auto HotKey so it gives time for SC to respond. (300=300 milliseconds, so 1000 would be 1 second)… you could change these to make it work faster…

PS if you are not British you probably need to edit the script to say COLOR, not COLOUR. (Colour is the proper spelling (LOL!)

PS make sure you exit the AHK script after using it or your computer will do funny things each time you press CTRL/Q or CTRL/W…

PS the script depends on accurate mouse coordinates. Yours may be different on your computer… Make sure your windows display settings are 100%.

Shotcut - select filter panel and apply LUT and COLOUR CORRECTION (script by JonRay).zip (568 Bytes)

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Thanks everyone! I’ll take a look at that script. No promises as I am 0% programmer and 100% end user. However, I’ll see what I can do! I appreciate you taking the effort.

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