Automatic video mode

I set up a new computer and downloaded the latest version of Shotcut. On my old computer, when I added the first video on a new project, the output options for frame size and rate would be taken from that video.
Now, when I import the first video, settings stay on 1920x1080 @ 25 frames/s.
I checked settings and it’s set to automatic mode (which I understand will get settings from the video imported) but I can’t find what’s wrong in my case.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

Version 19.08.16 has a bug that’s been brought up here.

It’s fixed in the beta version that you can get here.

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You can still use the current version if you manually select the video mode you want before opening the video file into Shotcut.

Settings - Video Mode - Any Preset (or create your own custom preset).

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It works, thank you!

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