Automatic Silence Removing

It will be great if Shotcut had a tool where we could automatically make cuts in our video wherever the audio is below a certain point(basically silence). We will be able to automatically remove pauses from our speech. This would make editing wayyy faster and easier.
This feature can be seen in Olive Video Editor and Premier Pro, and some other apps too…

Although I don’t have much knowledge about coding, I feel that coding this would not be that tough or time taking. But this is definitely going to make a big change in the overall quality of our App, so I request to add this as soon as possible.
Thank You


Try to learn coding yourself, make that code for shotcut, and publish it successfully, without any criticism.

First of all, it’s never easy, I have been learning coding for more than a year, still I am not able to make these things. It takes a lot of time to create this good AI with being original.

Yes that’s possible, but not easy.

Try to make a real car with 1$. Were you successful, no, it takes a lot of time and money to build a nice car. Same with AI.

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I see shotcut like a box of wonderful tools that make it possible to build a lot of great things.
But you have to do the work yourself, it will not edit the video for you.
IMHO this kind of magic features, is out of scope for a video editor like shotcut done by a couple of developers in the their spare time.

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What’s with the unnecessary rage here?!

I saw something like that on Davinci Resolve (I reckon it removes the pauses, not only makes the cuts).

Perhaps not at the top of the developers’ task list, but no reason to knock it.


I’m not the developer, just give my personal opinion about the suggestion, I don’t see that I knock on anything/anyone. If I think something is a great idea, I will say so, if not i also say so, that is what a forum like this is about.

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I used to be a coder for many years and studied computer scince once upon a time :slight_smile:
But, to be honest, i am far away of being able to do that kind of things, no coding experience in SC and its programming language. You have to dig quite deep into the coding to do such things.
Apart from that this requested feature could be concidered helpful but not really necessary. Of course this would be a great help for people doing a lot of talk-videos e.g. but in general i have hardly missed that feature. It would be even more important to find areas where there’s no video and audio at all - cause this would most probably be an unintended editing error (and has happened to me a few times - most likely very short periods that you can easily oversee).

That’s a constructive (I think) criticism.

There are a lot of ways to explain the same thing, the thought that came to my mind, I wrote.

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This is the first time SNJgreat has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

This is enough…

If someone’s joins newly doesn’t mean he doesn’t know anything. From his talk he clearly uses shotcut, and understands what shotcut can do.

Why are you understanding something far away from what it really means, I have seen this in another posts too, even you wrote like this to dan. How did he look upset if he just tells what is the real thing?

I am not creating a rage or anger I say again. From now, I will not answer you if you keep doing these posts.

Friends, I could see that someone got offended or maybe gave criticism in a slightly harsh tone, saying that I should learn and do it myself. Well, the suggestions tag here on the forum is for a reason. The ones who feel something could improve the overall Application, tell it here and discuss about it.

I also very politely mentioned in my post that I don’t have much knowledge about coding, but I just said that the feature would be of great help.


We are here to give suggestions to increase the number of things shotcut can do(Increasing features).
Also this is not a very NEW MAGICAL idea that I gave. Automatic Silence Remover is a tool seen in many other applications, hence I mentioned it here so that shotcut too has it. That will be very helpful for people like me, and any voiceover editors.

I also very politely explained this. :grinning:

The only thing is, words don’t express emotions. That’s why my post sounds like anger, it isn’t, to be true, I was just watching some funny shows on Netflix, at the time, the host was in the angry emotion in the act. So it affected my way to write. Which also made the expression different, if you were face to face, it would be like a talk between two dads meeting first time.

If I am to write it now, it would be:- "My friend, it’s out of scope for just two developers :-)"
The same as timlau.

Ya, it’s actually possible in a way. But if you don’t know, it all started as opensource and two devs. So if you want some high grade feature, you have to do it yourself.

Like I got a C++ coder to build a export engine that can also export from my home server, it’s going to get completed. I am excited, finally I can use the NAS, and the 3080s. That might be some extremely speedy export thingy.

So… Users raise suggestions in the forum, other users support it and/or discuss it, and devs choose which suggestions to work on, based on user feedback and their own preferences. See, we all have our role to play. No need to talk down to users telling them to learn to code.

Wut? :thinking:
3,000 years of literary authors would probably disagree.


See, now you are crossing the limits. I didn’t even knew that was a term for harrassment, how could I mean that. Seriously?!

Let them disagree, I don’t care, I have done communicative English in my class days.

That’s true, but his words sound to me with a feeling of urgency. I am telling, if you want it now, then you need to do it, otherwise wait and watch what the dev chooses.

I am interested in this suggestion. Can you give more detail? I do not use other video editors.

How would the tool detect the silence? How silent does it need to be, and for how long?
Does the tool still leave a little silence, or do all the words end up mashed together because all pauses have been removed?
After you run the tool, are all the silent clips removed? And if so, are the remaining clips mashed together?


Here is a example of the truncate audio i Audacity

Here is some examples from other video editors

The Olive 0.1 had a feature to mark silence, but it not available in the current 0.2 rewrite

Yes, we need silence detect and remove options,
It is save editing time,

Super features, need